A Sign Maker's Story

Nestled in the Panhandle of North Idaho, in the little lakeside town of Coeur d' Alene is a small sign shop owned and operated by a lady named Kenna who likes artful and crafty things full of color and imagination.

She liked those things so much that her creative whims urged her to pick up pencils and paint brushes, power tools and tape measures, ruin perfectly good clothes and learn graphic software just so she could make all those artful and crafty things.

One day she landed a job at a sign shop and got to use all those skills & ruined perfectly good clothes making signs....and she LIKED it...REALLY LIKED it!

Time went by and it came to pass that one day in 2005 she was able to open her own sign shop. She centered her attention on making the best signs she could for her customers so they too, could enjoy the many artful, crafty signs and things she makes.

So she named her new sign shop Custom Sign Center, llc and every day she still picks up paint brushes and power tools and ruins perfectly good clothes making signs..... and she still LIKES IT!