Frequently asked questions


What file formats do you accept?

1) Vector artwork in EPS, AI, PDF or Corel Draw are required for the following:

  1. Dimensional letters and Logos.
  2. Sandblasted Wood Signs.
  3. Cut vinyl graphics and lettering.
All text must be converted to paths and line strokes must be converted to objects. 2) JPEG, PDF, TIF and SVG are accepted for Digital Printed graphics
  1. Banners
  2. Decals
  3. Large full color printed signs.
When providing artwork for your sign, please be sure it is the highest quality file you have. It is the customersr responsibility to be sure all artwork is correct. 3) Files not accepted are:
  1. Images from the internet
  2. Publisher
  3. Word
  4. Paint
  5. Photo Shop
If you do not have the accpted file formats one can be created for you.

What if I don't have my artwork in the required formats?

Once in a while customers just don't have acceptable art files to produce the project. This often happens if artwork was created in a program not sufficient for sign production or if the artwork was originally designed for small printed products such as business cards and brochures. Once those files are scaled up or needed to be used for dimensional signs they just wont work. Custom Sign Center, LLC can reconstruct your logo or design so it will be suitable to produce your sign project. Cost of this service will depend on the complexity of the editing needed and this service is paid in advance before the work is done. Please be advised that you must own all rights to your logo/art as Custom Sign Center, LLC does not reproduce copyrighted images or intellectual property without written concent. A quote for artwork services will be provided for you upon request.

Can I use an image I found on the Internet?

Custom Sign Center, LLC takes trade mark and copyright laws very seriously. I do not accept images, clipart, fonts, or any other type of resource obtained off the internet. I also do not use proofs or layouts done for customers by other sign companies or design firms without written permission. Customers are responsible to aquire and pay for any user licenses for any sources provided to Custom Sign Center, LLC.

How do I provide you with my logo?

When providing your logo and artwork please include your contact information.

  1. Email smaller logo files to
  2. Larger files Upload to a Dropbox file

Can I use my sign design on other products like shirts and brochures?

Custom Sign Center, LLC owns all rights to any original artwork or creative ideas used to produce your sign. If it is an original logo design, you will have the option of purchasing a license which gives you complete rights to use as you desire. A license must be purchased in original designs to use on other products. Please ask about your design prior to using it on other products so you are not in violation of any copyright infringments.

How to Pay

What payment options do you have?

Once a quote is approved, Custom Sign Center, LLC will provide a QuickBooks Online Invoice for your product. Click the "Review and Pay", optin on your invoice and you will be taken to a secure site where you may pay with a credit card of your choice or your bank account.

  1. Pay full amount if amount is $200.00 or under.
  2. Pay 1/2 down if amount is over $200.00
  3. Balances from deposits are due upon completion of the sign.
You may also pay using:
  1. Local checks with valid ID
  2. Cash in the exact amount

Do you take payments?

Custom SIgn Center, LLC understands that some projects can be more than you have cash on hand. Unfortunately, we do not provide any financing of any kind and require a minimum amount to be secured prior to proceeding with an order.

Can I change my order after I paid my deposit?

You may make changes your order if needed. Of course there are phases during certain projects where changes can't be made. An honest effort will always be made to accomodate. Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the changes however, minimum order amounts will still apply and additional deposits may be required before production proceeds if additions were made.

Can I cancel my order?

Since the signs produced are custom and not prefabricated, cancellations are not accepted at any time. Custom Sign Center, LLC does not proceed with any order without your approval and a security deposit. This system allows for you to proceed only when you are completely ready to proceed. This streamlines production times and allows Custom Sign Center, LLC to focus on your project without distractions and waste of materials.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits pay for time spent planning, site surveying, art editing, material purchases and other services or items related to your project so deposits are non-refundable. Custom Sign Center, LLC is always willing to work with you to find a solution to any problem that may arise.

Types of signs

How do I know what kind of sign I need?

The best way to determine what type of sign will fit your needs best is to consider these three basic questions. 1) Will your sign be Temporary or Permanent? The legnth of time you need your sign to last will determine the best materials suitable for it's application so your sign looks appealing while engaging your audience. 2) Will your sign be Interior or Exterior? Some of the sign substrates (materials) we use are specifically manufactured for either interor or exterior use. Some may be suitable for both depending on the application. 3) What is your Maximum Budget? You might not know what the different types of signs cost, but you should definetly know how much you have to spend. Unfortunately most people forget to budget for signage, yet it is the most important marketing fixture of your business or organization. While some signage solutions can cost under $200.00 (such as banners, door lettering, or decals.) Dimensional signage usually starts at about $500 and up. Installation, art editing fees, hardware and other services are additional costs to be considered.

What kind of signs does Custom Sign Center specialize in?

Custom Sign Center has the capabilities to produce all types of signs including vinyl and digital printed graphics, banners and short term signs. The main focus of the projects produced however, are Dimensional Signs and Letters used for long term exterior signage and premium lobby signage. HDU (Precision Board Plus) is the main product used for dimensional signage in 20 pound or higher densities for many reasons:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Routes, carves, and paints easily.
  • Bonds to a wide variety of other materials.
  • Comes in densities from 4lb -75lb.
  • Has tested companiion products such as primers and fillers, adhesives and bonding agents, texturing coatings and epoxies.
  • No VOC
  • Non toxic
  • No carcinagens
  • Waterproof
  • Top fire ratings and toxolgy reports in writing for building inspectors.
  • Can be made to look like any other material such as wood, stone, concrete and any type of metal.

What types of material are best for my Interior sign?

SInce your interior sign will not be out in the weather then many foam board materials, wood, lower density HDU and plastics such as PVC boards and Acrylics are all ideal for interior applications. Because the options are so broad it basically comes down to what your budget allows. This is an example of Metal Laminated Ultra Board which is a ridged foam product. The orange Ink drop is 3M vinyl.

What is the best material for my exterior sign?

Material choices for exterior signs will depend on many factors such as sun exposure, surface structure for mounting the sign to, and the length of time it will be at the location. If your just putting a flat sign with vinyl or digital print graphics on a building face then ACM (Aluminum Composite Metal) is a low cost, long lasting option. It has a small expansion/contraction rate, does not rust or rot, is very light wieght and accepts vinyl, printed graphics, and can be painted, routed and bent! This works well for short term or long term applications. IF you HDU is an excellent choice for Dimensional signs and letters. Originally manufactured for the aerospace industry, it is completely waterproof, will not rust, rot, or delaminate and is chemical resistant. It passes strict fire codes and has a low carbon footprint. HDU can be routed, carved, sandblasted, shaped and sculpted. it accepts any type of paint and can be made to look like wood, stone, concrete and metal. Below are examples of a hand painted, routed ACM (left) and a routed, painted HDU sign with HDU finials.

How to Order

How do I start the process for my sign?

First, we will determine the best solution(s) based on information you provide to me. Next, I will need the following to supply a quote:

  1. Provide your artwork via Email or Dropbox
  2. Provide size(s) in inches hieght and width.
  3. Provide the quantities needed for each sign
  4. Establish if Installation Services are needed.
  5. Be sure to mention if this is a rush order.
After the above is completed, an Estimate will be emailed via Quickbooks to you based on the above information. Once the quote has been approved, an invoice will be generated so a deposit can be made to proceed with the production of your project.

Do you have a minimum order?

Custom Sign Center, LLC does it's best to give you the absolute best value for your purchase. Because the products produced are customized, there is a considerable amount of time put into even producing a small order. There is a $75.00 minimum order for standard products such as banners, digital graphics, plotted vinyl graphics and lettering, yard signs and products like these. Dimensional Products require a $300.00 minimum purchase. These products require substantial amounts of planning, components and are more labor intensive to produce.

Costs of signs

How much will my sign cost?

Costs are determined by material and labor costs to produce your sign. Prices wil vary for each type of sign and level of difficulty involved. For example: A basic banner minimum order is $75.00. However, if pole pockets, reinforced corners, or extra grommets are needed it will increase the price. Other factors will also play a role in the total cost of your sign such as:

  • Special materials such as gold leaf
  • Special paint or vinyl colors
  • Design or art editing services
  • CNC services
  • Installation services
  • Installation hardware and adhesives
  • Permits and procurement
Not all sign companies charge the same for similar products. Overhead, skill level, equipment and software capabilities and staff will all play a role in sign pricing.